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The Universe Resounds

3–26  May 2019
Ama Gallery

The core idea of my artistic work is crystallised in the title of my series ‘The Heart Has Its Reasons’. I appreciate rationality, but I recognise my own strength in emotions and states of the mind. As a budding artist photographer, I saw myself as being involved in socially committed photograph together with black-and-white and documentary photography that were prominent in University of Art Helsinki in the 1970s and 1980s. The direction of my form of expression and the ideas for my first exhibitions were later found in the International Center of Photography in New York in the beginning of 1980's. This meaningful study period introduced me to colour photography, and colour bleaching technique in particular.

Since 1980's the themes of my art have been often associated with the world of plants and the cycle of life. I also study camouflage, hiding and difference in my images, intertwined with considering existence and beauty. Other genres of art, especially literature and music, inspire my work and sometimes give words to the core of things that I have aimed at. I have worked with various techniques of expression, having made water-basin works, video pieces, light and sound works, glass-wall pieces, street art and projected outdoor works. In The Universe Resounds, I return to the themes and aesthetics of my works from the 1980s and 1990s, such as levels of timelessness, the hidden details revaled by light and shadow and boundless cosmic space. The starting points are often prints made with the silver colour bleaching method that lead to the origins of photography through light, chemistry and optical phenomena.

Hämeenlinna 26 April 2019

Marjukka Vainio