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Travelling with Debussy

My subjects from the world of plants are often autobiographical and I refer with them to an experience or state of mind. They often tell of yearning and the fragility and brevity of life.

I’ve inherited my love and appreciation of nature from my grandmother. I became interested in plants and cultivation, and it became my main pastime for years. Although my interest in plants was largely practical, it involved strong experiences similar to creativity, wonderment, joy and self-expression. The idea of using plants in my images gradually emerged.

I have collected plants for my themes or grown them specifically for the purpose. Some plants with their intrinsic quality have been of deep significance as such, while the shape or colour of others has sometimes inspired me. I use the plants that I choose to portray my inner world and state of mind.

The pictures of Suite Debussy refer in two directions – to subject-matter based on the plant kingdom that I have addressed for decades and to music and the impressions that it creates. The music of Claude Debussy has inspired my work, giving my photographs movement, airiness, translucency and spatiality.

Like the Impressionist composers, I aim at my goal with the means of moods, by creating atmosphere, and with harmony and cadence. In my work, I seek a kind of free-hand painted photograph, the translucency of watercolour, and intensity similar to oil painting.

Marjukka Vainio